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Replacement Sash Windows

Box Sash Windows

Replacement Sash Windows service in Surrey and London.

Understanding the wants and needs of our customers is the best place to start when developing any of our products. Full replacements are our premium service. Therefore, has been developed to house many modern techniques and industry leading products, while still keeping its unique sense of style.

Accoya Wood

Ultra-high Performance Sustainable Wood

Assessing why timber windows fail regarding water ingress, paint failure, wood rot, insect related issues and timber movement due to moisture throughout different seasons has all helped contribute towards the timber of choice here at Woodcock Sash Window.

Accoya is an ethically sustainable product boasting a number of environmentally friendly factors including only using FSC certificated forests. It continues to be used by scientists as the benchmark against which other treatments and modified timbers and are measured. Acknowledging timber windows have moving components that face inside and outside allows us to access the importance of a timber that has minimal movement or shrink ability contributing to a more structured window.

Casement Windows

Within our range of windows, we also offer a variety of stunning casement windows to replicate and enhance your home. A casement window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges and are highly energy efficient due to the seal they form when closed.


The glass has a very important job relating to thermal and acoustic tasks.

The difference between traditional single glazed windows and modern double glazed units is like night and day. Using this to our advantage we dimensionally design our windows around the optimum glazed unit. Using argon gas filled cavities and heat reflecting technology we capitalise on all these benefits.


Retaining the character and charm of the original windows

Understanding why people live in period properties and the characteristics these properties hold helps use to retain the charm these properties have. Knowing that sometimes this charm actually comes with rattling, draughty and cold windows helps us to work on improving all these factors within our windows eliminating these issues.


The paint finish has an equally important part in our windows as this is what seals the timber while giving the elegant finish we aim for. Our factory spray finish is provided by a window specific paint allowing the wood to breathe during different seasons and also protect the windows for all elements. The spray finish leaves the windows with a clean and fresh appearance.

Draught proofing

Upgrading from the old original windows with the typical issues from rattling, draughty windows possibly unable to slide continuously from the closed to open positions is a area we have developed. Using draught proofing in the correct areas can significantly improve the functionality and performance.


Last but not least the jewellery of the window. Coming in a variety of different finishes the small components can assent any window to contribute towards the overall look and feel of the whole room.

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From initial contact through to project completion, we ensure our clients are well informed and involved to ensure their requirements are met.