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Replacement Sash Doors

Woodcock Sash Windows

As one of the more modern replacement sash doors companies in London we understand the importance of innovation and combining the latest technology with the traditional joinery techniques to deliver doors refurbished to the highest standards. We offer a selection of different glasses, finish, and door furniture for refurbished and replacement doors.


Retaining the character and charm of the original door

Understanding why people live in period properties and the characteristics these properties hold helps use to retain the charm these properties have. Knowing that sometimes this charm actually comes with hard to shut, draughty and tired appearance, helps us to work on improving and eliminating these issues.

Brass Work and Door Furniture

Wherever possible, our craftsmen will attempt to save and restore any door furniture, such as knockers, doorbells, and letterboxes. We are also able to source suitable replacements that are in keeping with your door and property’s character.


The glass has a very important job relating to thermal and acoustic tasks as well as the final look and feel of your door.

Wherever necessary, keeping in mind the authentic feel of a traditional window, modern techniques can be used throughout our windows to improve the thermal, acoustic and functionality while visually keeping its traditional feel. We dimensionally design our windows around the optimum glazed unit, using argon gas filled cavities and heat reflecting technology.
We are able to supply new and replacement-stained glass windows using traditional lead work methods.

Accoya Wood

Ultra-high Performance Sustainable Wood

Assessing why timber windows fail regarding water ingress, paint failure, wood rot, insect related issues and timber movement due to moisture throughout different seasons has all helped contribute towards the timber of choice here at Woodcock Sash Window.

Accoya is an ethically sustainable product boasting a number of environmentally friendly factors including only using FSC certificated forests. It continues to be used by scientists as the benchmark against which other treatments and modified timbers and are measured. Acknowledging timber windows have moving components that face inside and outside allows us to access the importance of a timber that has minimal movement or shrink ability contributing to a more structured window.

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From initial contact through to project completion, we ensure our clients are well informed and involved to ensure their requirements are met.