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Remedial Work

Woodcock Sash Windows

Remedial Work
Here at Woodcock Sash Windows we pride ourselves on the ability to cater for a range of services. From small refurbs to full replacements. Working closely with clients and attending to their specific requirements, assuring customers get what their windows need.

Remedial Work Undertaken

Sash Cord Replacement

Replacing any broken cords including small maintenance to the pulleys

Re-balancing Weights

Adding or subtracting counterbalance weights to allow for the sashes to slide correctly

Draught Proofing

Installing new staff and parting beads with pre installed draught proofing


Replacing broken or damaged glass panes

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Customer satisfaction at Woodcock Sash Windows is paramount.

From initial contact through to project completion, we ensure our clients are well informed and involved to ensure their requirements are met. Remedial Work